Wednesday, October 20, 2010

College Essay

My name is JieYu Li, I come from China, and I have been in the United States for three years. As a entire newcomer, a difficult part of my life is the language. I remember the first day I came to America. The police was told us the policies about the United States. But I was completely lost in his talking. In that moment I told myself I had to learn English. I want to become a good speaker like that policeman. For me the hard part of my English is reading. When I try to read, my brain seems blank, my throat is seal off. But I know someday I will become more confident.
I’m interesting in Interior Design. I have been interested in those, because no matter where we go, to create a nice environment is important to our life. Have a nice environment that will make people feel more comfortable. No matter how rich or poor that people are, they also want a place belong them. And they may need a warm and comfortable home, when they feel tried. A home is also the place that people can share happy or unhappy. I want to be an interior designer, because I want to give people create their own house. That is my desert.
My dream college is The New England Institute of Act. It is the very professional place to study art. The college owns the excellent equipment. And they got the high quality studio. The students can plan to the other country for their internship; the school also helps the student to find the company to work. That is the very good place to let me study more knowledge about design. So hope I can be a student in The New England Institute of Act.

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