Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dialetical Notebook-The Story of Deadalus and Icarus

“Between the work and warning the father found. His cheeks were wet with tears, and his hands trebled. He kissed his son(Good-bye, if he have known it) Rose on his wing, flew on ahead, as fearful. As any bird launching the litter nestlings.”
Question: why he was cried? Did he happy to get out from the jail or worried about his son?
Answer: I think his happy to get out from the jail and also worried about his son, because his son was young, and he may not control the wings very well.

The letter to Mr.Gallagher

Dear Mr. Gallagher
          My name is jieyu li. I feel very pleasure to be your student this year. I’m from China. I have been to United States for 3 years. My goal in this year is to graduate high school. And I’m also want to practice my English, and try something new.