Monday, November 22, 2010

The Stranger-part 1

       In the passage when Marie, Meursault’s girl friend. Her proposal married to Meursault. But Meursault felt nothing. Albert Camus suggests that in some people’ eyes, marriage could be serious thing or may not be able to be. But marriage base on love. At least have love between two people. Then marriage could be ever. Camus show this by described how Meursault’s feel and shows he was a person that no emotional, such as a marriage and a parent’s death. Those all did not matter to him, he wasn’t feel grief and happy.
    From the beginning of the passage, “That evening Marie came by to see me and asked me if I wanted to marry her, I said it didn’t make and difference to me and that we could if she want to.”(41) When Marie asked for married, Meursault didn’t felt and surprised and happy. “ I probably didn’t love her”(41) Meursault though he wasn’t love Marie, but she still can marry to her, if she want. He seem like don’t care about how his life going. As we know marriage should base have love between two people. Meursault was the person who have no emotional, even his mother’ death or the girl asked for marry. He still felt nothing.
    “Then she pointed out that marriage was serious thing. I said “No”(42) Marie point out the marriage was serious thing, but Meursault didn’t thinks so. Women also think marriage should be romantic and forever. Marriage is the relationship between two people or two families. Marriage is the promise to each other, to take care of each other. Nut the next sentence “After another moment’ s silence, she mumble that I was peculiar, that was probably why she loved me, nut that one day I may hate her for the same reason.”(42) Marie through there was the reason that why she loved him. To me, I think love is the feeling. If man that I love him, and he dose not love me, and I will never marriage to him.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Lost Boy-Dave Pelzer

The lost boy by Dave Pelzer, The book was about the boy based on his life from ages 9 to 18/ the character David Pelzer search for the love of a family. His step mother likes the evil. She was tread on him when he was a boy, and the mother calls him “it”. She not took him as a human, then the boy was sun away from home and the country was sent him to the foster care. So the book was about how his life on foster home was and how he feels in his inside.
            From the beginning of book, the mother was treaded the boy like an animal. “I am nine years old, and I have been living like this for years. Every day it’s the same thing. I wake up from sleeping on an old army cot in the garage. Perform the morning chores, and if I’m lucky eat leftover breakfast cereal from my brother.”(P1), the quote shows us about the boy’s life. He got no home. He only sleep in the garage and eat the food that his brother leftover.  He seems to like a dog. In his human life, his mother treads him like animal. His dad tried to help him, but his alcoholic mother control the whole family. After he can not bear anymore, then he run away.
            When the country sent him to the foster home, there have a lot of dear full around him. He feels small. He scared his mother will come to take him back and treads on him. And then he got determination for the other same age kids. “That evening, I couldn’t eat. In bed I rolled back and forth until I sat up clutching my knees. The mother was right. I knew in my heart she would get me back… I cried I knew that moment there was no escape for me.”(p54) the boy was scared his mother takes him back.
            The climax in the book, I think that will be the part about boy becomes 18 years old. He can get out from the foster home. Then he was going to join the air force, before he joins in the Air Forst. His mother gave him a called. “Some how word got to mother and she called me before I reported for basic training her voice wasn’t that of the evil mother… I almost see mommy’s face on the other end of the phone as she cried… we talked for over on hour, and I stained my ear in hopes of hearing the three most important words. I had wanted man to say all of my life.”(P296) after they went to the court, and the mother was regretted what she did to the boy. The boy was tried to forgive his mother. She called because she wants to say sorry to him. The end of the quote said “the three most important words. I had wanted mom to say all of my life.” That tells us the character very want mother’s love and the family love.
            The book was sadness. The boy tried to search the family love.