Monday, December 20, 2010

Annotation Bibliography For Camus’ The Stranger

Annotation Bibliography For Camus’ The Stranger

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  1. Sources: Does not meet required number of sources. (Half complete)

    Formatting: Conveys required information, but with a moderate number of formatting errors. (Use hanging indents. Some things are bold that should not be.)

    Annotations: Attempts to complete annotations, but with serious errors.: 1) summarizes source, 2) explains relationship to project, 3) is free of mechanical/grammar errors.

    * Essentially, your summaries and purpose statements are plagiarized. They need to be in your own words. Anything that is not yours (idea or language) should be cited as such. Summaries are overviews and should be completely in your own words. Facts can go with quotations and must be cited with paragraph numbers. Please remember this.